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Mentoring & coaching

We all have our strengths, weaknesses and blind spots… so we all have room to grow and improve. Through ongoing skills assessment, development, professional and relationship cultivation we at JCA build people up to go beyond what they may think are their limits.

Project Management

Dedicated, quality project leadership can ensure your projects finish on time, on budget and, moreover, deliver the benefits and improvements of the original objectives.

With deep experience of co-ordinating all the moving parts, identifying where to concentrate resources, filling skills gaps and sourcing sub contractors, we are used to working across sales, marketing, digital and development teams to ensure a smooth, effective and timely delivery.

We are comfortable at all levels in dealing with every board function through leadership, technology, finance, commercial, content and data (including all compliance issues).

Strategy Consultant

From developing strategy to the execution, we partner with you to review and support your decision making, bringing unique combinations of experience, insight and fresh eyes.

We encourage leadership to ‘see all of the angles’ and help to thoroughly consider potential upside, but also to mitigate risk, marrying this to practical implementation and tactical deployment.

Our aim is to help businesses realise their long-term goals at every level, on organisational, digital, operational and functional strategy.

Commercial Sales, Leadership Management Learning & Development

Do you ever think, ‘Sales people just aren’t what they used to be’? Well, for many years, media and commercial businesses could afford to invest heavily on developing bright graduates into media sales weapons. These multi-skilled business developers were ‘industry ready’ for you to hire.  No longer.

This is where JCA comes in. We train using tried and tested techniques acquired through years of doing it ourselves. We’re so good at it, that a Top 3 global media company places ALL their sales training needs with JCA.

Some say, ‘the old ways don’t work any more’.  We say, ‘people buy people first’, and work from a foundation of skills, knowledge and attitude to cultivate commercial maturity and success.